Scratch – Session One

Hi Everybody,

Here is some further information from the session on Wednesday that you might find useful. If you have any questions please send us an email to


Or else just give us a shout at the start of the next session.

Scratch Website

Firstly please have a good look through the Scratch website:

You should have a look through some of the Featured Projects on the Homepage – this will give you an idea about some of the different types of programs you can create yourself.

The next most important part of the website is the Support Section. If you have a printer at home it would be useful to print and read the Getting Started Guide and once you have mastered that you should take a look at the Scratch Reference Guide – it will be very useful to you over the coming weeks, try to get a copy printed out.

Running and Reusing Other People’s Programs

Spend some time getting practice downloading and running other people’s programs.

For example to download the sample “About Me” project you could just type “about me” in the search in the top right of the Scratch website:


Then you will get a list of links that contain “About Me” projects, pick the second link “About Me Sample Projects”


Pick the second sample project:


Now to the most important part – look at the top right of the page and you will see “Download the sprites and scripts of …..”:


When you click the “About Me” link your web browser should automatically download the program into Scratch running on your PC. You can now edit this and re-use the existing code. (You might need to download the file to you PC and then open it with Scratch – please let us know next Wednesday if you have any problem downloading somebody else’s file and opening it in your Scratch editor)


Here are the links to the two Scratch presentations we did on Wednesday night:

Session #1 – Introduction to Scratch

Session #2 – About Me

My About Me Example

Here is how I put my “About Me” project together.

Step 1 – Pick 3 things about myself that I would like to show people. I have picked playing with my daughters, listening to the Gummy Bear song and feeding our cat.

Step 2 – Pick a background – we call this a Stage in Scratch, I have chosen a Park – so I want to download an image from the Internet of my local park.

Step 3 – Gather up images or sounds that you want to put into your project, I collected images of my daughers, myself, Barbie, the Gummy Bear and our cat. Each image will be a Sprite in Scratch, a Sprite can do anything you program it to.

Step 4 – Start a new project in Scratch. Open up Scratch, Click the File menu, then New.

Step 5 – Insert your chosen background picture as the Stage for the project. Click Stage in the botton right of the Scratch screen:


Now in the main panel click Backgrounds:


Now click Import to bring in the picture you would like, browse to the folder on your PC that contains all of your pictures:


You should now see your chosen background on the Stage:


We will not be using the Cat in this project so you can delete that Sprite – just right clck on the cat in the bottom left of the screen and press Delete:


Step 6 – Add in the Sprites for your project, we will import our Sprites from a file:


I want to make the picture smaller so I will edit its costume, click Costumes, Edit and then the Shrink button shown:


It is a good idea to give each Sprite a name, I have just called mine PJ:


Do the same for the other Sprites you would like to include.


Step 7 – Make your Sprites do something interesting. There are many different things you can do here – have a look at my simple example to get some ideas for your own projects.


Please put your own “About Me” together and try to upload it to the Scratch website.

HTML Session 2 – Sample Code

We had a great session last Wednesday night, we are starting to see some great websites pop up around the class. If you would like to review your code or catch up, download the following zip file of Sample Code from the session. We ran out of time last Wednesday, so this week we are continuing where we left off. If you have any questions from last week don’t be afraid to ask our mentors!!

Cya Wednesday at 630pm!


HTML/CSS Resources

At our first session at CoderDojo Dun Laoghaire we covered an introduction to HTML/CSS.  Here’s a list of great online resources to help improve your coding skills and to help you tackle more advanced tasks.

Opening night

Thanks to everyone for coming on our opening night – we had a great time and hope all you founder members did too, learned something and maybe got a taste for coding! Thanks too to all the parents and volunteers who got stuck in to make it all happen.

If you want to review the material we covered on the first night you can download it here Session1-html Material, you’ll find code samples, images and the presentation slides within.

Next week we’ll be doing a follow on session on HTML. You should then be able to make your own website so have a think what you might want it to be about.

After that, we really want to know what you want to do. We may do a different type of coding, split up into groups, some on HTML, some not, whatever works. We’re here to help you learn a new skill and, more importantly, build something cool – you get to decide what it is!

If you want to try learning the next bits of HTML yourselves, there’s tons of stuff on the web (it is what the web is made of, after all).  Good starting places are and

To keep in touch, join the mailing list on Google Groups. This will be a good place for us to make announcements but also for group discussion and asking questions.!forum/coderdojo-dunlaoghaire

Hope to see you all next week. Remember to charge up fully before you come and the one Coder Dojo rule: Above All, Be Cool

The Coder Dojo Dun Laoghaire Team

Welcome to the new CoderDojo Dun Laoghaire

We launched on Wednesday 23 January and would be happy to hear from anyone with coding skills who is interested in mentoring.

CoderDojo Dun Laoghaire is based in IADT and happens on Wednesday evenings from 6.30 – 8.30 pm.
Advance booking required – contact us for details.

Have you a question?  Get in touch.


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