Christmas break 2019

Sunday sessions have now finished for the year; Wednesday sessions finish on 11 December.

Emails will be sent out in early January for re-registration – watch out for that email as registration will then be opened to our waitlist which has 600+ email addresses!

Invitation for 5 DunL ninjas to attend Royal Dutch Visit in Dogpatch Labs! 12 June 15:15-16:45

CoderDojo Foundation will be having a special Dojo in Dogpatch Labs on Wednesday 12th June and are looking for some Ninjas to join! They are hoping for 5 Ninjas from the Dun Laoghaire Dojo to join this event as attendees.

At the Dojo, there will be a visit from the Dutch Royals, his Majesty King Willem-Alexander and Her Majesty Queen Máxima. The session will consist of a workshop hosted by Wia, where the Ninjas will get the chance to work on some cool new projects that they can then share with the Royal visitors. It should be really fun for everyone involved!

The amazing team from Wia will be guiding the Ninjas through the projects, however it is hoped that the Ninjas attending would have some experience using either Scratch and/or Micro:bit, as they will be working on a block-based language that wouldn’t be suitable for complete beginners. It is also hoped to have a mix of boys and girls in attendance, as well as a mix of ages if possible.

Parents of 5 CoderDojo Dún Laoghaire ninjas can register via the Eventbrite event below (asap!) and book a space for themselves as well as their ninja. Further details will be provided upon registration.

Event page:

(Sandra has the password which is required to register)

Summer holidays!

Sunday sessions finished on 26 May and the Wednesday group finishes on 29 May.

We will re-start sessions in September at a date to be decided later. Emails will be sent to current attendees* with links to book places. Please re-register as soon as possible; places will be opened up to the 500-strong waitlist shortly after, so a delay in registration may result in the place being lost.

*If 2 or more sessions have been missed without notification, the place may be withdrawn.

Many thanks to IADT and METNS for their support of CoderDojo Dún Laoghaire!

Sunday sessions finished for 2018

Our Sunday sessions are finished for 2018! Thanks to all our Mentors for their generosity in helping our many ninjas learn some amazing coding skills 🙂 We will start our Spring Term on 13th January.

Re-registration emails will be sent to parents over the Christmas/New Year break, after which places will be offered to our waitlist.

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday sessions finish on 12th December and hopefully re-start on 9th January (tbc).