Coolest Projects had some really cool stuff!

The Coolest Projects event took place in DCU on the afternoon of Saturday 31 August, and there was, again, amazing talent on display.

Bill Liao opened the event to a packed house



I really enjoyed wandering around talking to the great young coders, who had come from as far away as Armagh, about their fascinating projects.  Their talent is really awesome to behold.  For example, I talked to Niamh Scanlon (whose project was entitled “Inspire”; she was truly inspiring!), who at age 11 is mentoring in DCU!  To give you an idea of the sort of stuff on display, I’m showing photos of some of them below:


Game of Cups by Tadhg White was great fun, you had to guess which cup the ball was under by tapping the cup, which would then rise up to reveal whether you had guessed right or not!  Beside Tadhg was his sister, Keelin was demonstrating her fantastic project “Tune Recorder”.



Aidan Molloy, who previously displayed at the Coolest Projects, was back again this year with “Taken World”, an online multiplayer strategy game, which he says has taken him a few hours a day for the best part of a year to develop.



Catrina Carrigan was at the Coolest Projects last year, demoing her music project.  Her music website is now to be used in UK education.  This year, the incredibly talented Catrina was back with her app for Beaumont Hospital.



The CoderDojo DCU website was being displayed by Joel Rajesh, who is all of 12 years old and only started CoderDojo in June.  Additionally, Joel had a fun driving game on show.


You may have seen Will Goodbody’s report on RTE from the Coolest Projects.  Here he is interviewing Adam Barry about his app “Pickup Lines”.  Although Will is on his knees, he is still taller than Adam!



Mitchell Dey’s “Robot Arm” project was getting a lot of attention.  He says he spent about 2 to 3 weeks learning Python in order to develop his project.


Joshua Murray had 3 “Retrogames” on display, all built in Scratch – he borrowed his brother’s and his mum’s laptops to display everything on.  Joshua is a member of DCU CoderDojo and is currently looking for Transition Year work experience.  If anyone can help, please get in touch with him at


Ten year old Ryan Sheridan, also of DCU CoderDojo, was showing off his project “Skate Parks in Dublin” which shows details and photos of various skate parks, and also includes a video of Ryan himself demonstrating his skateboarding skills.  Ryan has been working with HTML and CSS and is pictured here with his little brother.


There was a room where groups of coders could try out different things:


I didn’t understand any of it, but they all seemed to be having a great time!

Eugene of Hello World Foundation was busy with his camera, and when I find out where he has uploaded his pictures I’ll add a link.



I hope these pictures have given you a flavour of the day, and I look forward to seeing several of our Dun Laoghaire coders attending next year’s Coolest Projects, which I think are going to be moved forward to June, so start coding now!

Sandra Maguire

Organiser, CoderDojo Dun Laoghaire