Good is the Enemy of Great – Bob Rotella

Recently, at the Convention Centre in Dublin, world-famous psychologist Dr Bob Rotella gave a talk entitled “Good is the Enemy of Great“.

Some of the things he said included the following thought-provoking statements:

“… many of you decide that good is good enough for you, or is acceptable for you, or is enough for you – you’ve given up the chance of ever being great at whatever it is that you do.

“The point is, this is your life, and what are you going to do with it?”

 “there are things other people could do, can do, are able to do, but choose not to because it is too hard”
“Are you really going to spend your life going for your dreams or are you going to give up on your dreams? Or are you going to get up every day and give it all you got?”
” If you  want to do something special you have to be an amazing optimist. Somehow you create this feeling inside yourself. You have to create a feeling that you have got something special in you.
“You have to feel like you are deserving of doing some really cool stuff in life. You have to feel like you take advantages of opportunities when they are around you or fall in your lap.”
The greatest thing about being a human being is we are born with a free will. You get to choose every minute of every day how you are going to think about youself.