Making friends with your new assistant – Alexa

Some of you may have already met her or her friend Siri, they perform a similar function, they are good listeners and really want to help you with your problems. I am of course talking about Amazon’s AI tool which has started to be embedded in a number of devices – including Amazon’s own Echo device.

Here’s how it works:

1. You wake up Alexa – Amazon echo is listening for you to say Alexa – other devices need to have a button
2. You talk and the device records
3. The recording is forwarded to the Amazon AI
4. The AI decodes what you have said and determines an answer
5. The response is played back to you.

Well the good news is there’s a public API for developers and a some Python code out there to allow us to connect to it. There’s a small amount of wiring but not much! Try it out…

And when you have connected to it, now you can connect it back to you (eg using IFTTT)…

Code Couture

Code Couture

Wednesday 15th February 6.30 – 8.30 p.m. in IADT

Hello Bezlo… Coding to catwalk

The Hello Bezlo event is here to merge Fashion and Technology in collaboration with CoderDojo and Zalando. And we are pleased to invite you!

This free event is all about demonstrating how technology can enhance beautiful fashion creations. We have held fashion tech events before but none quite like this!

Aimed at teenage girls with an interest in fashion, we hope to light up your evening with an LED fashion workshop run by our talented fashion designer, followed by speakers from the Zalando team. This event is sure to empower, inspire and educate … Bezlo style.

Click here for more information and booking!

Interested in Machine Learning and other types of analytics?

Well, I am. I’m learning and reading books and articles about the subject.

I find it fascinating, and while none of this is new, this is the first time we have such vast amount of data available to our projects.

For instance – if you need data to run algorithms and see what predictions your algorithms can make, here’s a great resource:

If any one would like to work on a project for Coolest Projects using AI, Machine Learning and predictive analytics  – let me know!

Here’s a teaser idea: Dublin Bikes – what can your app/website figure out based on Dublin Bikes data set


Register for the National Scratch Competition 2017!

In operation since 2010, the National Scratch Competition has established itself among both teachers and students as a leading platform and showcase for Ireland’s aspiring digital creators.

Entry is open to individual students and groups of all ages.

How to enter:

1. Register your details now on Please note that you will need to re-register for this year if you have not already done so.

2. Design & create your project at This can be a game, animation, story, simulation or music project.

3. Once your project is complete, upload your project URL and student details to enter the competition at (Please note when entering your project a direct URL link must be entered to be judged)

4. Entries can only be accepted if they are accessible via the Scratch website Offline projects must also be uploaded to this website also.

Dates to Remember:
Register your interest: Now!

Submit your entries by: 17th February 2017
National Finals: Wednesday 26th of April 2017 in University Limerick

Categories of entry are as follows:

  • Junior infants to 1st Class
  • 2nd Class to 4th Class
  • 5th Class to 6th Class
  • 1st Year to 3rd Year
  • 4th Year to 6th Year
  • CoderDojo (Junior infants to 1st Class)
  • CoderDojo (2nd Class to 4th Class)
  • CoderDojo (5th Class to 6th Class)
  • CoderDojo Junior Cycle (1st Year to 3rd Year)
  • CoderDojo Senior Cycle (4th Year to 6th Year)
  • **New – Special Needs Category – run on a pilot basis this year

For more information visit or if you have any queries please

Attend the BT Young Scientist with CoderDojo this year!?

For the fourth year in a row there will be an interactive CoderDojo Booth at the BT Young Scientist event (11th – 14th Jan 2017). CoderDojo is looking for CoderDojo Ninjas from across the Republic of Ireland to showcase the awesome projects that they’ve made at CoderDojo for one or more of these days (either the 11th, 12th, 13th or 14th of January) at the booth! They will be looking for more people on the 11th and 12th to attend, so keep that in mind when filling out the applications.

Showcase your cool Project!

CoderDojo is are looking for Ninjas, living in Ireland, to apply to bring projects that they’ve made at CoderDojo to display at the CoderDojo Booth! The projects don’t have to be categorised and any cool project made at CoderDojo is eligible for application. If your project is selected you will be invited to showcase it for one of the days (either the 11th, 12th, 13th or 14th of January 2017) at the CoderDojo booth at the BT Young Scientist event in the RDS, Dublin! We will contact you and ask which day suits you best once you’ve registered.

**Applications close on the 20th of December.

We look forward to seeing all your cool project application ideas! If you have any further questions contact:

Please note: this opportunity is for CoderDojo Ninjas (7-17), in Ireland, to showcase their projects at the event and NOT adult Mentors. Adults accompanying CoderDojo Youth will be responsible for the youths attending & need the necessary parental approval. All attendees will have to cover their own cost of travel to the event.





Sunday Halloween Dojo

Yes we are open again this Halloween weekend! There will be a competition to create the scariest Halloween project as well as a few Halloween treats to keep us going through the session!. See you there….and don’t forget the clocks go back on Saturday!


DojoCamp today in the Peoples Park

As part of Dojocon 2016 CoderDojo Dun Laoghaire is holding a DojoCamp in the Peoples Park from 11-2pm. Come on down and do some fun coding!

Note: The Sunday METNS session will not be running in the school today, come on down to the park instead!