Rock Paper Scissors using the MicroBit

The Microbit is a fun little device, it allows you to program it in a variety of languages with a variety of different programming IDE’s.

The 20GBP device supports motion sensing (Titling, Shaking) and can display images on a 5×5 LED matrix. Microbits can be connected together over a radio link and share data and the device is small enough to be powered by two AAA batteries.

This project uses these capabilities to re-create a fun game – rock paper scissors using two MicroBits. I recommend using the Microsoft PXT IDE which lets you switch between Blocky and JavaScript and has the Radio add-in that this project needs…

1. Connect the two MicroBit’s wirelessly with the Radio library
2. Shake the device to make a selection
2. Randomly choose one of the three choices
3. Display the result on the LED
4. Send the result to the other Microbit
5. Work out which device won and display that to the user

How would you modify your program to make the game fun for the visually impaired?
Would it be fun to extend it to include Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard and Spock…