Scratch 3 is coming in August 2018!

A new version of Scratch is coming this August!

3 Things To Know About Scratch 3.0 (from the MIT Scratch Team) –

1. Scratch 3.0 will have more ways to create and share

  • Create, share, and remix projects on tablets (in addition to laptops and desktops, of course)
  • Choose from dozens of new characters, backdrops, and sounds
  • New paint and sound editors make it easier to remix and manipulate characters, music, and sounds
  • With the new extension system, children can program physical devices (like micro:bit) and web services (like Google Translate)

2. Scratch 3.0 will have new support for getting started

  • New in-editor experience for first-time users
  • New bite-sized how-to videos
  • Updated Scratch Activity Cards and Educator Guides
  • Updated Creative Computing Curriculum from our friends at Harvard ScratchEd
  • Updated tutorials from our friends at Code Club and CS First

3. Scratch 3.0 is still the Scratch you know and love

  • All existing projects and accounts will continue to work in Scratch 3.0
  • All existing programming blocks will still be there (and we’re adding some new ones!)
  • Scratch 3.0 will be translated and available in many different languages
  • The offline versions of Scratch 1.4 and Scratch 2.0 will still be available
  • Scratch will continue to be free for all!

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