Scratch Session Material

Hi Everybody, here’s some of the material we used on the 17th, in Group 1 were doing Parallelism and Events and this coming week we hope to get started on the Pong Game, in Group 2 we were looking at debugging and I hope you managed to get started on the Maze Game which we should get well into this week. Hopefully we can show some of the results to each other by the end of the session. Don’t forget to upload your projects to the Scratch site (coderdojodl/welcome1)

For Group 1

CoderDojoDL_Scratch Session 3-Parallelism-Events

ScratchCardsAll-v1.4-PDF – useful cards and instructions about Scratch


For Group 2



Scratch Guide – Shark Attack Game

Just a note that we would like to finish up a little early so we can discuss what to cover in the next five week slot and maybe we can have a think about what we could do for the coolest projects competition just annouced by CoderDojo!

See you Wednesday!