Session Material

This Page contains links to the session material that we have used in the Dun Laoghaire CoderDojo across the sessions we have run to date.

In addition, resources from the wider CoderDojo community are available here.
Included: HTML, Scratch, Web Servers, XCode, Python, GIT, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, NodeJS, Joomla and Minecraft

Also:  We are starting to host material on our Github site which you can access here

In September 2019 we were contacted by the Membership Chairman of Boy Scouts of America Troop 325 in Lake Jennings, California. They have apparently been enjoying the resources on our website and wanted to share that young Chase, aged 11, made up a guide of coding lingo and terms which they thought we might find helpful. So with a big thank you to Chase, we are adding in the link to his guide below:

Chase’s really useful guide to coding lingo and terms for new coders

Lots more information available if you click below:

MIT Scratch Resources

32 page preview of Harvard Guide for Scratch 3

Scratch 3 cards (188 pages!)

Scratch v2 Getting Started Guide

Scratch – Introduction/New Mentor Training

Scratch AboutMe – one of the first sessions we run – refers to the Scratch v2 Getting Started Guide below

Scratch Dance Party – an exercise to practice your understanding of the Scratch

LP_Scratch1 – An introductory course for scratch from

LP_Scratch2 – A more comprehensive course for scratch from

LP_Scratch3 – Practice exercises to test your understanding/knowledge of scratch from

Scratch – Beginners

Scratch CardsAll-v1.4 ZIP – useful work cards and introduction to Scratch

Scratch v2 Cards_Jan2013 – updated cards for Scratch 2.0

Scratch Sushi – Useful Scratch Sushi cards on CoderDojo site

Parallelism and Events

Scratch 5 – Pong-Game

Scratch – Intermediate

Scratch 6 – Debugging

Scratch 7 – Maze

Scratch 8 – Shark Attack Game

Scratch – Advanced 

Scratch 9 – Daleks

Scratch 10 – Tic Tac Toe

Scratch 11 – Pac-Man

Scratch 12.1 – Donkey Kong Game Outline

Scratch 12.2 – Donkey Kong Game Code Snippets

Scratch 13 – Flappy Bird Game Code Snippets


HTML First Sessionn – Make and publish a webpage with some text, a picture and a map

HTML Activity Cards – Bouncing ball animation

HTML Paper Web Page Exercise

Beginner HTML – build your first Web Site

Intermediate-HTML-CSS-Sushi Cards


Python Exercises – Strings, number guessing, functions

How to install Python 3 & PyGame

PyGame Hello World

Minecraft Modding

Minecraft Javascript Modding – Installing ScriptCraft, greet mod and skyscraper mod

More Minecraft resources

App Inventor

Installing App Inventor

Installing the Emulator


Bluemix Card 1

Bluemix Card 2

Bluemix Card 3

Raspberry Pi

Getting going with the Pi

Starting the Pi

Connect the Pi to WiFi

Connecting your Pi to your PC using Internet Sharing

Zip file containing findmypi.bat

Connecting to your Pi with Putty

Using TightVNC to control your Pi

Changing directory with the GUI

Changing directory with the CLI

Editing files with the GUI

Editing files with the CLI

Your first Python Project

Starting Python

Hello World in Lights


CamJam Kit Instructions

CamJam Kit Instructions

Advanced Pi

GPIO Summary for your Pi

Sense HAT Python package documentation

Slot Car Project

Using an Ultrasonic Sensor with Pi

Useful CoderDojo Pi Sushi Cards

Beginner Sushi Cards for Raspberry Pi

A collection of Raspberry Pi Sushi Cards

123 Coding Cards (these show the same code in Scratch, Edublocks & Python)


My First Circuit


Using a Potentiometer


Beginner Java Sushi

And finally;

We are starting to host material on our Github site which you can access here